The Advantages of Different Types of Mortgage Lenders


If we are talking about the larger mortgage bankers, you can count on them having several strengths. For the biggest ones, like Countrywide or Wells Fargo, you will recognize the "brand name."

Usually, larger mortgage bankers are much better at promoting special first time buyer programs, cooperating with states and local governments. These programs will have slightly lower interest rates and costs than the current market rate. To qualify for these programs, your income must usually fall below a median average for the area and you must not have owned your residence for the last three years.

Mortgage bankers may have problems just because they are "too big" or they may operate like well oiled machines. A lot depends on the branch or office you deal with.

If you're applying for an FHA or VA loan, sometimes mortgage bankers are more adept at some of the intricacies involved than a mortgage broker. For example, the tract you are buying in may not be "approved" by FHA or VA. Mortgage bankers often have more clout in getting it approved than would a small mortgage broker.

If your home loan is declined for some reason, many mortgage bankers allow their loan officers to broker the loan to another institution. However, because your loan officer is so used to promoting his own company's product, he often loses track of the "niches" offered by certain wholesale lenders.

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