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What is your home worth? It's never been easier to get answers. RealEstateABC analyzes approximately 60 million records in order to provide you with the estimated ABC Value ™ of your home, or just about any home, anywhere in the U.S.
RealEstateABC is Easy. Powerful. Customizable. Our Home Value Center uses an easy-to-understand, map-based interface. Search on a city or address and you will see the 30 most recent sales comparables in that area. Choose which comps should be included in your valuation.

You have the Knowledge. Now you have the Power. Not all properties are created equal. Your house may have the same square footage as your neighbor's, but have the better view. The family next door may have a larger lot, but is professionally landscaped.

Lot Size, Privacy/Noise, View, Interior Features, Exterior Features. Your home valuation should get credit for these features, so we've given you the power to adjust for them... that means that the ABC Value ™ can become your tool to the most accurate estimation of Home Value on the Web.

Whether you are looking to buy a house, sell your house, refinance or research affordable neighborhoods, you have the power to find accurate home values.

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