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Don't Buy a Car - or Did You Already Buy One?

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Why Search for A Realtor?

Buying a Home With Resale Value - Location

Buying a Home With Resale Value - the House

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How Financing Details Affect Your Offer

How FHA and VA Financing Affects Your Offer

You and the Seller Must Agree on Some Services

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Moving Resources

Get an estimate on moving, truck rentals for do-it-yourself moving, and moving supplies such as boxes and stuff..

Property Search

There are over a million homes for sale at any given time. Most national sites only have a partial or outdated listing of those homes - but they don't tell you that. We do. So, "property surf" on a local site with MLS access. Our Property Search Directory contains such local sites.

On-Line Listings

Some local agents put their listings online and these listings often contain more information than the MLS database. It might be fun to cruise through those sites, if only you knew where they were. Use our Property Search Directory.

Housing Market & Appreciation

Once a month we analyze the current housing market and prepare quite a few graphs on housing appreciation in different regions of the country.

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