Mortgage and Real Estate Calculators

Mortgage Calculators

A group of three simple mortgage calculators programmed in the early days of the web by a guy named Hugh.

Mortgage Payment Calcultor

Calculates mortgage payments.

Multi-Payment Calculator

Calculates mortgage payments for three different scenarios at once.

PITI Calculator

Same as the mortgage calculator but allows you to input taxes and insurance - so that you know your monthly housing obligation.

Mortgage Calculator

Relocation Calculators

Cost of Living Calculator

If you're moving from one area of the country, do you need to make more or less to maintain your current lifestyle? This calculator lets you know.

Salary Wizard

At your education and skill level, what does your profession earn in the area you're moving to?

Mortgage Internet Technologies Suite

The Super-Calculator can accomplish all of these but the bi-weekly calculation and the investment calculation, but we decided to include them anyway, with permission of the creators.

Principal After X Years

Perhaps you plan to sell this home in five years and want to know what your mortgage balance will be at that time.

Principal Prepayment Calculator

This mortgage calculator tells you when your normal payoff would be and when it would be if you paid a specific extra amount each month.

Prepayment Analysis Calculator

Suppose you want to pay off your mortgage in a specific period of time. How much should you pay monthly to accomplish your goal?

Prepay Principal or Invest the Money?

This calculator will help you make the decision on whether it makes more sense for you financially to pay down your mortgage or put some money away in financial investments of various kinds.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator

A bi-weekly mortgage is basically the same as making one extra mortgage payment a year. This calculator tells you how quickly you would pay off your mortgage if you were making the payments once every two weeks instead of once a month.

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