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Web Developer Affiliates

We have various programs for developers, depending on your size and what you want to do.

Basically, the Content & Newsletter program adds approximately 150 pages of content to your clients' sites, plus a newsletter that changes monthly. 

It also includes a totally customizable header.  Even the standard header looks unique from site to site.

Since web site developers have been extremely supportive, we decided to provide direct assistance including:  support pages, optional financial incentives, administrative functions, and the ability to sign up clients directly.

Administrative functions give you direct password protected access to your clients' information.  The support pages explain the program in detail and are devoid of our branding.  You can refer clients to a signup page or sign them up directly.

We don't want "just anyone" signing up as an affiliate marketer.  You must be active in web site design, hosting, have a number of clients, and have a unique domain web site that discusses your services.




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