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You have four different ways to create a header and even no two "standard" headers look alike. 

Standard Header

It's right on the signup/admin form and you can easily do it yourself.


JPEG Header

Create a JPEG banner that is a maximum of 650 pixels wide and mimics the look and feel of your site or be creative.  We prefer that your web developer or someone create the JPEG or you can do it yourself.  To introduce this new option we will handle it for you (temporarily) at no cost.


I-Frame Header

This custom option allows you to create a header on any page that you control and insert it into the content/newsletter using an i-frame.  The advantage is that it is fairly easy and you can have multiple navigation choices in the header.  You can have your web developer create it or we will do it for a fee. 


HTML Header

This is a header you create using HTML code.  It is a bit more complex but allows you some advantages.  Someone who fully understands html code should handle creating it.

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