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How to Add or Change a Custom JPEG Header


Note:  When you sign up, you get the opportunity to create a custom header to replace the standard or temporary header.


Step 1 - Create the Header

  • Create a JPEG header with a maximum width of 650 pixels

  • There isn't a limit on the height, but it is in your interest to keep it reasonable (loading speed could be effected).

  • Store it to your computer's hard drive

Step 2 - Navigate to Your Admin Pages

  • Visit any of your content & newsletter pages

  • click on the "lock" graphic at the very bottom of the page

  • that takes you to your "admin" sign in page - type in your password

  • that takes you to a new page - click on "custom header"

  • that takes you to the custom header page

Step 3 - Upload the JPEG Header

  • click the radio button that says, "custom header"

  • Skip down to where it says, "upload a picture for banner"

  • check the box that says, "upload from hard drive"

  • click on "browse"

  • find where you stored the JPEG on your hard drive

  • click on it

  • the file name should load in the square text box

Step 4 - Copy and Paste HTML Code

  • skip down to where it says, "2.  Copy the following HTML to the box below"

  • copy the HTML code to the box below

  • (if there is already HTML code in the box, erase it)

  • click on the "update" button at the bottom of the page

You're done.


If you need help:


First, see if whoever works on your web site will create the header for you.  Then you (or they) can upload it easily, using the instructions above. 


If you need our help:

Using our own judgment, drawing elements from your web site to create the header - we'll work on it for you.  Most people like our work, but we don't claim to be graphic artists or anything.  How the header looks depends a lot on what your web site looks like.  We don't create the header out of the air, but use your own site as a starting place.


We prefer that you do the work on your own or with the assistance of your webmaster or whoever helps you with your web site.  Except for the one we set up for you initially, there will be a $49 fee to make changes to your header. 

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