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Create a Custom Header

Use HTML code (the hard way)



A major benefit of using HTML code is that a knowledgeable designer can actually change the page background color and fonts (etc) used on the newsletter/content pages.

Once you navigate to the correct page (using the directions on the page before this one), simply input HTML code into the blank space.  Be sure to start and end the code with the proper <html> and </html> tags.  Plus, be sure you really know your HTML code. 

HTML Note:  Not being an HTML expert, I found it much easier to use HTML code if I didn't use tables.  Then I never used HTML code again, choosing I-Frames instead (because it is much easier).

Recommended Width:  we created the newsletter to be 600 pixels wide so that it would fit easily inside the viewing frame of a Realtor's web site (if they chose to do so).  Therefore, if you make the header wider than 600 pixels, it may look odd.

An HTML example is below.


Create Custom Banner

Note This function is designed for advanced users who want to add HTML code instead of using Real Estate ABC's standard banner. If you are not HTML programmer or do not feel comfortable to write HTML code, please click "Cancel" button to go back to the main menu. 
  Standard Banner       Custom Banner
Please add HTML code to the following box. Absolute reference links (starting with http://) is required for IMG tag.


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