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What kind of sites are acceptable in the Directory?

Unique Domains

A unique domain has an URL (uniform resource locator) in the format of  It can also have a .org, .net, or other extension.  We prefer those three major extension categories and they are desired sites for our Realtor Directory.

Agent Sites

We want to promote individual agents who market themselves on their web sites.  The Directory is not a place to promote company sites or anonymous sites.  We want an agent's name proudly splashed all over the web site.

Not Acceptable
Alias Domain or Third-Level Domain - not allowed

An alias domain has an the format of  They are also called "third level domains and ase sites are actually subdomains of a unique domain.  You will also notice that there is no "www."  We don't allow alias domains in the directory. 

Sublevel Domain - not allowed

Sublevel domains are in the format of  You don't really have a web site.  You just have a series of pages that are part of a web site.  We don't allow sublevel domains in the directory.

Forwarding Pages (aka "refresh" pages)

If a unique domain name simply forwards to another web site, an alias or a sublevel domain, we don't allow it in the directory.

Multiple Sites - only one site allowed

Lots of Realtors have more than one site.  We only want your main site listed in our directory, however.  Your "best" site.

Anonymous Sites - not allowed

We do not allow anonymous sites in the directory.  The contact page (or elsewhere) must provide names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. - if not, we will delete the entry.

Company Sites - not allowed

We designed the site to to promote agents.  Not companies.



  Last modified: May 05, 2005

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