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5 Personalized Calculators for Agents

The Calculators are an additional service provided by RealEstate ABC.  We create 5 calculators with your photo on them, we host the pages, they "bolt on" to your site when you create navigation to them.  Your photo and name link back to your home page. 



Includes Five calculators:

  • Mortgage Payment

  • Range of Purchase

  • Cost Of Ownership

  • Affordability

  • Rent vs. Buy

Framed Sites:

The calculators are designed to work mostly with framed websites.



Michael Parks Edwin Henry Debbie Ferrari Deborah Wise Maureen Ladeairous



Once you sign up for the calculators, you receive an email with the links to your 5 new calculators.  On your site's navigation menu, you create a link to at least one of your five calculators.  It's that easy.


Within a day or two, we'll put your picture on the calculators.


Because so many agents don't have calculators or have website calculators that "link out" to sites that generate leads which are sold to lenders or agents, we added an inexpensive suite of calculators that promote YOU.







contact us:  (866) 852-3769

  Last modified: May 05, 2005

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