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Where Real Estate Agents Get Links

National Directories for agents focusing on Owner-Occupied Residential Real Estate - If any Realtor wants to provide more information on any of these sites (or others), click our "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and get in touch.



Highly Recommended Real Estate Directories:

You really need to be on these six directories. 

Clicking on the site's title should get you to the signup page or close to it.


Yahoo - home page

Even now, you really need to be listed on Yahoo.  It is an authority site and definitely helps you with search engine performance.  Find the page you want to be listed on, then click on Suggest a Site at the bottom.


Open Directory Project (DMOZ) - home page

At one time, this site was the essential authority and completely necessary to develop your search engine performance.  We still highly recommend you figure out a way to get in this directory.  Find the page you want to be on, then click on "Suggest URL" at the top of the page.  Submit your site.  Then wait.


RealEstate ABC - home page

Just for real estate agents and Realtors - no companies or anonymous sites.  Guests are free, provided you provide a reciprocal link.  If you have a listings page or an IDX/VOW search page, you should join as an official member ($35 per year with a price reduction of $10, if you choose auto-bill) and you'll get additional links. Upgrades for photos, featured agents run from $50 to $200.


Reals - home page

Reals has also been around a long time and they have hundreds of affiliated site as part of their network.  So a link on Reals could go a long way, though I'm not sure how they handle repeating you on their other sites.  A reciprocal link is free, a basic link is $19.95, and an enhanced link is $99.95.  How many cities that puts you in, we're not sure.


Real Estate Webmasters - home page

Run by SEO Guy, this site is a basically a bulletin board that discusses all kinds of real estate and search engine issues, but it also has a real estate agent directory.  No national sites allowed.  You must first create a home page link using their graphic, then make an entry in the Forum to request your link to be added to the directory.


Total Real Estate Solutions - home page

The directories are actually located on the web sites, but this is where you sign up.  From their home page, look to the lower left for a list of directories.  Click on Real Estate Directory, then look under General Real Estate, then scroll to the bottom and look for your state. 


Agent Preview - home page

Another site by the same people at Relo-Experts.  We recommend it based on the solid performance of  Cost is free if you display their logo on your home page, or $36 per year.


IRED - home page

International Real Estate Digest has been on the web since 1995 or so and are the "grand-daddy" of real estate sites.  A regular link in their directory is $25 per year.  To boldface a link costs $150.  Links are by state, then split out regionally.  A map helps with navigation.



Real Estate Directories Recommended: 

Clicking on the site's title should get you to the signup page or close to it.


Real Estate Library - home page

Another one of the original real estate directories, probably the first site to promote themselves through awards, and they have the coolest looking award of all.  It costs $59 for a plain text link and $119 for a bold link.  Instead of breaking things down by local community, your link will be under a state heading.


Relo-Experts - home page

Probably the best at optimizing their site for search engine performance, the only reason this site is not listed in the above section is because they aren't currently taking new link requests.  They are working on other directories, though, so you should visit their "add a site" page and get that information.


RealtyChat - home page

Costs $25 to get listed, but the creator of the site has a long history of promoting real estate web sites and Realtors over the years.  This is one you should go with.


ePowered Professionals - home page

ePowered does well in search engines.  A photo listing is only $39 per year.  A free link requires a reciprocal link from your site, either text or graphic and not necessarily from your home page, but the page must be indexed by Google.  There are some HomeGain links, which bothers some.  According to Doug Towes, "There are only Homegain BuyerLink
pay-per-click links (not their referral fee program) on some city-specific areas of the site that are not covered by a Realtor."


Internet Business Solutions (IBS) Team - home page

Just click on IBS Team above and that leads you into the "business directory" - click on the map, wherever you want to be listed.  Then, near the middle in the gray bar, select "Submit New Link."  Requires a reciprocal link.

This new real estate site will focus on local information and real estate reports from local agents.

Now HomeSalez has a directory, too -- and it is fairly new.  So put your name in here and get another link to your site.


Real Estate Center - Texas A&M University - home page

If you can get listed here, it is a valuable authority site.  Don't be fooled by the fact that it seems to be a Texas site.


Vandema HomeBuying Real Estate - home page

Though mostly associated with commercial real estate, Vandema has also had a residential real estate site.  They require a reciprocal link from the home page.


Real Estate Clip Art - home page

This isn't really a directory that is visited by consumers, but a list of "members" who have joined the Real Estate Clip Art site.  Still, it is a PR4-ranked page and if you join, you not only get to use Dustie's real estate clip art, but you get listed in her directory of members.  It is only $25 per year.


Today's Agent - home page

Between $59 and $19, depending on what you want.  Nice-looking web site that has been around awhile.


New Home Sale  - home page

Links range from $50 to $12, depending on whether you want a bold link or a regular link.  Organized by state, but there is no local organization.


The Real Estate Net - home page

$25.99 to be listed for one year.


Realty Times Agent Locator - home page

This has become where the Market Reports are filed by local agents.  There is a fee to be one of the reporting agents - $299


Link-U-Agent - home page

It appears they will provide a courtesy link for free, probably requires a reciprocal link and it appears there may be an enhanced option. - home page

Get a basic listing for one year with a photo, brief description and your contact information - $59.99.  Packages vary in length and price.  Listings are by state.



Other Real Estate Directories: 

Clicking on the site's title should get you to the signup page or close to it.


ABC Real Estate Directory - home page
(No relationship to  It does have a similar name and it is actually a pretty good directory.  Requires a reciprocal link.  Created in the UK, but applicable to the USA and Canada.


America's Doorstep - home page

Actually, this appears to be both a web ring and a directory.  Links run from free to $49. - home page

Your links are under a state, no local community organization, looks nice, though.  Platinum membership gets your photo, 300 characters, and a live link that opens in a new browser window for $299 a year.  Gold gets 100 characters, thumbnail photo and logo, site opens in new window.  Silver listing does not include a photo and they say the link opens in new window, but they don't appear to be live links.  They also mention referrals at either a 10% or 15% referral fee.


Homeowner Net - home page

$20 one-time fee.  Links are listed by state with no further breakdown by community or city. - home page

This is a straight directory with a real estate section, but results for real estate agents aren't even organized by state.  Most of the entries are at least two years old, and some links are dead.  Site is slow.  There is no information about cost, so perhaps it is free. - home page

A directory for those who primarily sell waterfront property, plus they have two other related sites that "echo" the data on this site.  As the web visitor clicks through "Search Waterfront Homes," they are taken through an agent/company directory.  To just get a link on the site costs $50 per year, plus they have upgrades where you can input your listings for either $150 or $75. 


National Realtor Registry - home page

Practically every page was blank, which was a mystery.  Submitting a web site costs $35 per year and they just list your name and a link.  Submitting a Realtor Profile costs $150, but the example provided did not include a link back to the agent's site.


Real Estate Agent Directory - home page

Appears to be free, but requires a graphic link on your home page.  It leads you to believe you need to get one of their web pages, but the links appeared to go to agents' web sites, designed by a variety of different companies.


America Real Estate Directory - home page

$25 for one city, $10 for each additional city, plus your picture for an additional $10.  Inexpensive, but it lacks coverage in what would normally be very competitive areas on other sites.  One has to wonder why, but there doesn't appear to be anything obviously wrong with the site.


RealtyLinks - home page

Ignore the navigation to the left because it doesn't include agents, but the central header does say professionals.  So if you click on the map, you get the directory.  Broken down by state and county.  Regular links are free, Featured Agent links are $100 per year.


Home Improvement Web Directory (USA) - home page

Though it is a Home Improvement site, it does have a real estate directory, too.  The cost is $34.95.  They have a Canadian and UK section, too.


The Internets International Real Estate Network (USA) - home page

$125 to get listed for one year on the USA page, with a 15 word description and a live link.


Realty Images - home page

For only $9, you get listed in their directory.  There are two links.  The first is a redirect, but immediately next to that is a direct HTML link listing your URL.


National Real Estate Directory - home page

Requires a reciprocal link and it is not separated into agents and other categories.  They also call the directory "Real Estate Partners," which should be changed to links, resources, favorites, directory, or something besides "partners."


Real Estate & Mortgage Directory (RE&M) - home page

Appears to be a fairly new directory, requiring a reciprocal link.  Listings appear that they would be by state.



Real Estate Directories with redirects, scripts or other:

"Other" may refer to advertising that some agents may object to.

Clicking on the site's title should get you to the signup page or close to it.


RealEstate4 - home page

Another site by the guys at REALS, performs well in search engines.  Prices range from $99 to free.  Remember, Reals probably has well over 200 real estate related web sites by now, so it gets a little confusing. - home page

Uses some sort of script or redirect to send visitors to your page.  At the same time, they are so big that their clients probably want to report on how many visitors they send to the agent's site (so a redirect script is required).  Cost unknown, but expect it to be hefty with lots of add-on services.  Probably best for listing agents.


Real Estate Pros - home page

Their "Top 100 sites" appear to be straightforward links (requiring a reciprocal link), but links from the profiles use cgi-script to forward visitors.  This doesn't give you credit for the backlink and does nothing to help with search engine performance.  Cost is anywhere between free and $19.95 per month.  For that much, it seems you should get credit for the backlink.


Real Estate & Mortgage Resources - home page

Because they run a CGI script with their link to you, you won't get credit for the back-link, so it does nothing to help you with search engine optimization- but you might get traffic.  They do require a reciprocal link graphic to be placed on your site, but not necessarily on your home page.  However, they say they won't spend a lot of time looking for it, either.  The HTML code for your link to their site is spiderable but their link to your site is not.  Doesn't seem fair.


Real Estate Agent - home page

In exchange for a link from their site, they want a text link from the home page of your site.  However, if you have an objection to HomeGain, they do run HomeGain ads on the same pages where your link would appear.  So if you create the text link they want, your former visitor is just a couple of clicks from HomeGain.


All Real Estate Search - home page

It is all database driven so links from the site may drive you (some) traffic, but you get no benefit from backlinks or PageRank.  It costs $25 to add your site.  Additionally, navigation seems oriented almost entirely toward advertisers, not consumers and genuine web visitors. - home page

It's a pretty cool site, but links to your page are in javascript so you don't get credit for the backlinks.  Still, there is always traffic to think of.  There is no cost information on the site.  You submit a form that says you're interested and they get back to you.  The assumption is (maybe) that if you're selling luxury real estate, you can afford... whatever.


ValueCom Real Estate Directories - home page

Evidently, they have three subsidiaries.  ValueCom Gold, U.S. Counties, and RealEstateExclusive.  It appears they are running HomeGain ads on those sites, in case that affects your decision.  By displaying their award, you can submit free to Valuecom Gold or you can pay anywhere from $25 to $300. - home page

Looks to be mostly interesting in promoting Google Ads, and an independent expert (AKA "Willie the Sponge") says, " it uses a 302 redirect that doesn't pass PR, the site has no PR to pass, your link is buried several clicks away and its plastered with Homegain."




Directory Sites Being Evaluated


HomeSeekers (uses redirect script?) - you must have a web site

Living Choices - compiles listings from several real estate publications (Real Estate Book).  Presumably, agents listed are ad clients.  Even so, there doesn't appear to be a direct link to the agent's site -- just contact info.

Neighborhoods OnLine - home page

Evidently they want to create a site for you and this isn't really a directory.  It appears to be a directory of sites they create and it appears to be mostly empty. - all you need is a Best Image / Number 1 Experts web site.  They advertise all over the place.

Realty - seems like a repeat of something above, perhaps with a different URL.

Last modified: November 10, 2005

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