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Not Every Site Earns the Award

Unlike other awards, not everyone who applies gets the award.


Agents Only

We're a web site about agent-assisted real estate - and our awards are mostly just for agents and their sites.  We occasionally make an exception for something really good, but not often.

What we look for:

Our primary focus is on helpful content that explains "how to" buy or sell real estate.  In addition, we like to see listings or property search, and links to helpful web sites on both a national and local level.

What we dislike:

Sites that care more about the site owner than the consumer, music, required sign-in to get information, slow-load times, excessive animations, java, gimmicks, non-real-estate related information, anonymous sites, full size advertising banners, excessive off-site graphics, sites with unusual extensions like .biz, .tv, and sites located on alias or sublevel domains.


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Last modified: November 08, 2005

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